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Lodge Commercials to Air in New Hampshire

Feb. 27, 1964 - Supporters of Henry Cabot Lodge will saturate New Hampshire next week with television commercials urging voters to write in Mr. Lodge’s name in the Republican Presidential primary on March 10. The five-minute commercial opens with four minutes of material used in the Presidential election of 1960, showing Dwight D. Eisenhower narrating a political biography of Mr. Lodge. The commercial, which ends with a hand slowly writing “Henry Cabot Lodge” on a sample ballot, will be shown at least 39 times next week on the state’s only television station, in Manchester. Robert Mullen, public relations director for the National Draft Lodge Committee, said, “We bought all the time we could get.”

The Lodge supporters will also begin Monday to mail political literature to 100,000 New Hampshire Republicans. This will be the second such statewide mailing on Mr. Lodge’s behalf. Mr. Lodge, the U.S Ambassador to South Vietnam, who was the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate in 1960, has denied that he is a candidate for the Presidential nomination.

The names of Sen. Barry Goldwater, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, and Harold E. Stassen appear on the primary ballot, and former Gov. Wesley Powell is conducting a write-in campaign on behalf of former Vice President Richard M. Nixon. Mr. Powell said today he had no plans to step up the intensity of the pro-Nixon campaign but that he believed Mr. Nixon would get a “substantial vote.”

Gov. Rockefeller is reported to believe that Ambassador Lodge will draw a sizable vote. It has also been reported that Mr. Rockefeller’s telephone call to the Ambassador in Saigon urging him to repudiate the write-in campaign, was based on the fear that Mr. Lodge would drain off anti-Goldwater votes.


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