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Lodge Backs Scranton

June 14, 1964 - Governor William Scranton of Pennsylvania was promised today an estimated total of 42 convention votes from the organization working for Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge.

Added to the 105 votes already counted for Scranton in the latest tally by the Associated Press, this would give Scranton 147 of the 655 votes needed to win the Republican Presidential nomination.

Scranton, who also received some staff manpower from the Lodge organization, mapped today a campaign to find any soft spots in the delegate lineup claimed by Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona.

Goldwater, the leading contender for the nomination, was given 618 possible votes in the A.P. tally.

However, Scranton, who entered the race last Friday, said he doubted that Goldwater could count on that number of votes on the first ballot. He estimated that about 250 were legally obligated to the Senator at the party’s national convention, which opens July 13 in San Francisco.

Scranton accepted another booking on CBS’s television program “Face the Nation” for next Sunday.

It will be an opportunity for him to counteract the impression of indecisiveness that he left on the same program last Sunday. In that appearance, he refused to take a positive position against the candidacy or views of Goldwater.

Scranton said he was already receiving fine cooperation from Governor Rockefeller of New York and Governor Romney of Michigan.

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