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Live Television Images Relayed by Telstar Satellite

July 23, 1962 - The first formal exchange of live television programs across the Atlantic took place today. The U.S. and Europe tried to outdo each other with panoramic views of landmarks and activities in their respective countries. During a 20-minute program relayed abroad by Telstar, the communications satellite, Europeans were afforded glimpses that included the Statue of Liberty, a major league baseball game in Chicago between the Cubs and the Phillies, President Kennedy’s news conference, buffalo roaming the Western plains, and a small boy admiring an Indian chief in South Dakota. Three hours later, the Europeans transmitted their own 20-minute program, which ranged rapidly from Big Ben in London to scenes of reindeer in the Arctic Circle regions of northern Sweden and south to the Mediterranean, where Sicilian fishermen were seen tending their nets. The technical reception of both programs was said to be good on both continents. Both shows were televised here by ABC, CBS, and NBC. The program sent to Europe was produced by the news departments of the three networks.


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