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Liston Trains in Aurora, Illinois

Aug. 28, 1962 - Sonny Liston, the heavyweight challenger for Floyd Patterson’s crown, went through a long workout today in Aurora, Ill., before cameras which recorded his actions for a telecast to London by Telstar. Liston gave one sparring partner, Slim Jim Robinson, a heavy going-over for one round and boxed another, Foneda Cox, for two more rounds. The heavyweight champion, Floyd Patterson, did road work and exercises in a light workout at Marycrest Farm in Elgin, Ill. The camp was closed to the public, but a photographer broke in with a plea for one quick shot. “All I want is a picture of you shoving your fist into the camera,” said the shutterbug. “Can’t do it,” said Floyd with a smile. “Why not?” said the astonished lensman. “Liston holds the copyright on that pose,” said the champion. “Maybe,” he added, “I should shove my chin into the camera so that the people can judge for themselves whether it’s made of glass.” He then proceeded to shove his chin into the camera but spoiled the picture by being unable to restrain his laughter. Patterson will defend his title against Liston at Chicago’s Comiskey Park on Sept. 25.#boxing #1960s #boxingnews #boxinghistory #OTD


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