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Lions Top Steelers, 26-20, as QB Milt Plum Shines

Aug. 27, 1962 - Milt Plum took control of the Detroit Lions in the second period today and led them to a 26-20 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in an exhibition game between NFL teams. The quarterback threw 2 touchdown passes and connected on 15 of 18 tosses. The Lions, after Plum entered the game, erased a 7-0 deficit within 3 minutes late in the second quarter. Bobby Layne’s 45-yard touchdown pass to Harlon Hill had given the Steelers the lead before Plum aroused the sputtering Lions. Plum marched them to the 19 and they settled for Wayne Walker’s 27-yard field goal. Moments later, Plum directed Detroit 52 yards to a touchdown in 6 plays. He hit Ken Webb with a 5-yard pass for the touchdown.#NFL #football #1960s #OTD #lions #steelers


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