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Lions Shock the World by Crushing Packers, 26-14

Nov. 22, 1962 - Football fans scarcely could believe their eyes at Tiger Stadium today as the Detroit Lions crushed the seemingly invincible Green Bay Packers, 26-14. Led by perhaps the stoutest defense in football, the Detroit eleven completely stymied the favored Packers until the fourth quarter and snapped Green Bay’s season win streak at 10 games. Going back to the 1961 season, this was Green Bay’s first loss in 13 contests. Milt Plum was superb. He hurled touchdown passes to Gail Cogdill on plays covering 34 and 27 yards then kicked a field goal from the Green Bay 47 in the third quarter. But the heroes of the day were Coach George Wilson’s defenders. As all of the bruised Packer backs well knew, the fiercest Lions were Roger Brown, Alex Karras, Darras McCord, Sam Williams, Carl Brettschneider, and Joe Schmidt. None were intimidated by the Packer offense. They confronted and shook up whomever they met. Bart Starr, of course, was their primary target. When the contest ended, the Green Bay quarterback had been tackled for losses totaling 112 yards and, probably, more lumps than he’d care to count. And where was Jim Taylor, the leading ground-gainer in the NFL? More often than not, under a pile of Lions. The Packers’ other big running threat, Paul Hornung, was benched with a bad knee.


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