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Lillian Gish Speaks Out

June 8, 1963 - World-renowned actress Lillian Gish (pictured in 1926) has returned to Hollywood for an acting role. Today, she shared her thoughts on various Hollywood topics. Regarding Marilyn Monroe, she said: “My sister Dorothy and I were in Norway when she died. The whole world was saddened by her death. When she lived in New York, her windows faced mine on 57th Street. They said she was vulgar, but she was not, even though they gave her vulgar things to do in her pictures. We saw her in ‘Bus Stop’ and thought she was adorable.” You might expect that the star of such silent screen classics as “The Birth of a Nation” (1915) would, at 63, be ready to call it a day and slide into a rocking chair. Not Lillian Gish. “Retire? I’ve never thought about it,” she said. “I’m always tempted by a good story, a good script.” Miss Gish is at MGM Studios where she is co-starring in a segment of a script of the new “Mr. Novak” T.V. series which will debut on NBC next September. The series is about schoolteachers. Miss Gish also said today that “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is one of the finest plays she has seen in years. She said it was “disgraceful” that it was denied this year’s Pulitzer Prize for drama.


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