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Leslie Caron Sued for Divorce, Accused of Adultery with Warren Beatty

June 17, 1964 - Actress Leslie Caron (left), being sued for divorce by director Peter Hall, was banned by a judge today from taking her two children out of Great Britain.

The ban was imposed after Hall, 33-year-old director of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-on-Avon, made an application to the President of the Divorce Court in London, Sir Jocelyn Simon.

In a sworn statement, Hall told the judge: “My wife says she wants to take the children to America and have them brought up there. She plans to set up home in Hollywood.”

His counsel, Joseph Jackson, explained that Hall filed a divorce petition 10 days ago.

He accuses his 32-year-old French-born wife of committing adultery with Hollywood actor Warren Beatty (right) in Chicago, Hollywood, and Jamaica.

Next week, Miss Caron returns to England from Jamaica, and one of her reasons for coming said Jackson, is to get the children — Jennifer, 5, and Christopher, 7.

Hall, who lives in a mansion on the banks of the Avon, is “fearful” that if she took them away, she would not bring them back.

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