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Leonard Bernstein Walks Out of Segregated Restaurant in Baltimore

May 26, 1962 - Leonard Bernstein (pictured), the conductor, walked out of a Baltimore restaurant yesterday when he was told that a Negro in his party could not be served. The headwaiter at the restaurant, Teddy Cook, said today: “One of the gentlemen called me aside and said that a colored man would be in the party. I said, ‘I’m sorry, but we’re not integrated here,’ and they left. There was no disorder, no embarrassment.” Mr. Cook said that the Bernstein party left before the Negro arrived. He was Sanford Allen, a violinist recently hired by the New York Philharmonic, of which Mr. Bernstein is the musical director. Mr. Bernstein said today that he and his party were told at Miller Brothers Restaurant that serving Mr. Allen was out of the question, and that is why he left. There have been numerous sit-in demonstrations at Miller Brothers during the campaign to integrate Baltimore restaurants.


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