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Lenny Bruce Obscenity Underway in Chicago

Jan. 29, 1963 - Dan Sorkin, a disc jockey, and Nelson Algren, a novelist, were called as witnesses in a hearing today on revocation of the liquor license of the Gate of Horn, a Chicago nightclub on 1036 North State Street. The hearing grew out of charges that Lenny Bruce (pictured in 1960), a comedian and entertainer at the club, gave an obscene performance. Sorkin and Algren defended Bruce’s performance before John F. Cashen Jr., conducting the hearing for Mayor Richard J. Daley as liquor control commissioner. Bruce and the club’s owner, Allen Ribback, will appear in court Feb. 18 on charges of obscenity and contributing to the delinquency of a 16-year-old girl who was present when police raided the club on Dec. 5.


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