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Lee Remick Makes an Easy $100,000

June 13, 1962 - One of the most incredible by-products of the dispute between 20th Century-Fox and Marilyn Monroe over “Something’s Got to Give” is the story of Lee Remick’s position in the movie. Miss Remick (pictured with director George Cukor) was hired to replace Miss Monroe last Friday. On that day, Fox announced that Miss Monroe had been dismissed from the movie because of her absences from the set during filming in violation of her contract. Then Dean Martin, co-star in the movie, said he would not work with Miss Remick. He said this was not intended to disparage her talent, but that he was merely exercising his contractual right of approval of his leading lady. Even if this film, which was suspended indefinitely this week, is never made, Miss Remick is to be paid as though she had worked. It is estimated by someone close to the actress that her fee is about $100,000. To date, Miss Remick’s work on the movie has been limited to the reading of the script and a day at the studio for wardrobe fittings. Her only comment concerning the situation is: “I am not mad at anyone.”


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