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LBJ Visits Ike in Palm Desert, Calif.

Feb. 21, 1964 - President Johnson and President Adolfo López Mateos of Mexico met for 40 minutes in Palm Desert, Calif., tonight with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. When the meeting in General Eisenhower’s cottage at the El Dorado Country Club was over, the General characterized it as “just an evening with old friends.” General and Mrs. Eisenhower are spending the winter in Palm Desert. Presidents Johnson and López Mateos are holding a two-day series of meetings in Palm Springs, about 20 miles away.

The two Presidents flew to Palm Desert by helicopter. They arrived shortly after dark, and a pathway from the landing area to the Eisenhower cottage was lighted with flaming torches. General Eisenhower, who was waiting for them, embraced both his visitors with warmth. Mrs. Eisenhower greeted the two Presidents inside the house. The Eisenhowers took their guests on a tour of the house, then everyone chatted over drinks and snacks.

For General Eisenhower and López Mateos, it was an opportunity to recall their past meetings. General Eisenhower jokingly reminded López Mateos that he will soon be joining him in the ranks of unemployed presidents. When the visit was concluded, General Eisenhower walked between the two Presidents the hundred yards to the waiting helicopters. Mr. Johnson and Mr. López Mateos then returned to Palm Springs for a private dinner.


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