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LBJ Invites Former Student He Spanked to White House

Jan. 6, 1964 - A Texan who said he had been spanked as a boy by President Johnson has accepted a personal invitation from the President to visit him tomorrow at the White House. Daniel Garcia (bottom center in 1928), who operates a furniture and appliance store in Cotulla, Texas, appeared tonight on the television panel show “I’ve Got a Secret.” Mr. Garcia told Garry Moore, host of the show, that he had been spanked by a teacher when he was 13 years old. It developed that the teacher was President Johnson (second row center). While the program was still on the air, the President, who had been watching it, called the CBS studio in New York and asked to speak to Mr. Garcia. The invitation and acceptance followed. At the time of the spanking, Mr. Johnson was a teacher in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, and Mr. Garcia was a sixth-grade pupil, a CBS spokesman said.


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