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Lakers Win in Boston, Celtic Series Lead is 3-2

Apr. 21, 1963 - The Lakers spoiled the biggest party planned in Boston since that famous Tea affair. Bostonians were all set to celebrate Bob Cousy's final game for the Celtics, but the fighting Lakers had another idea and savagely battled from behind in the final quarter to score an amazing 126-119 victory. This means it’s back to L.A. for the sixth game Wednesday, and the Celtics still need one more to nail down their fifth straight NBA championship. Several members of an angry mob of 13,909 climaxed a riotous evening by attacking referee Richie Powers following the rugged contest, which found 4 players eliminated on fouls and a fifth — Tommy Heinsohn — ejected on 2 technicals. It was Powers' call of the second technical with 1:40 to play which caused the crowd to erupt. One fan, seemingly bent on trouble, raced across the court. It was a brief race. He was within two steps of the referee when three of Boston’s finest grabbed the invader from as many directions. The fan was not carried, but dragged through the midcourt exit as if he were a sack of barley. Several other fans had gone after Powers while Bill Russell was holding off Heinsohn, who looked ready to slug the official. The riot was a little late because Elgin Baylor and Jerry West had had their own riot in the early portion of the final quarter. Between them, Baylor and West had 75 points, and they were at their sharpshooting best when the chips were on the line in the fourth period. "We don't have any excuses," said Boston coach Red Auerbach after the game. “I don't really know what happened to us tonight. But we'll still win it. If we don't win Wednesday [at Los Angeles], the pressure will still be on them. We can win it back here.” “We knew from the start we had to win one in Boston,” said Laker coach Fred Schaus. “Now, we're really alive. We won't hang the black crepe yet. Don't forget, our club has plenty of pride, too.”


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