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Lakers Top Hawks in Los Angeles as West Sinks Winner

Apr. 2, 1963 - Jerry West calmly tossed in a 15-footer in the last second of a wild finish, and as a result the Lakers scored a fantastic playoff victory at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. West's shot, following his steal from Cliff Hagan, brought the Lakers a 101-99 triumph before 11,225 roaring fans who thought Hagan had already clinched a win for the luckless St. Louis Hawks. With 19 seconds remaining in the game, St. Louis was leading, 99-98. Hawk Len Wilkens, trying to corral a wild inbounds pass, banged into Frank Selvy. Officials Sid Borgia and Norm Drucker ruled it was a backcourt violation, so Frank had three chances to make two points. It was a good thing because Selvy missed the first two, but then he knotted the score. St. Louis came down the floor, waiting for the one shot or overtime, when Hagan fumbled a pass. The alert West, with time running out, survived a Hagan body check, glanced at the clock, and dribbled up court. Fifteen feet out, he stopped, took aim, and swished it through for the amazing climax. It can only happen in Hollywood.


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