Kurt Seligmann, Surrealist Painter, Accidentally Kills Himself

Jan. 2, 1962 - Kurt Seligmann (pictured in 1946), 61-year-old artist, author, and costume designer, killed himself accidentally today while shooting at animals stealing bird feed from his backyard. The New York state police said Mr. Seligmann had slipped down three steps leading from his home into the backyard. They said his .22 rifle had discharged into his head. After an autopsy at St. Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh, the Orange County Coroner issued a ruling of “accidental death.” Mr. Seligmann’s wife found the body about 8:50 a.m. The state police said the rifle and Mr. Seligmann’s eyeglasses were by his side in the snow. Mrs. Seligmann told the state police that her husband had frequently hunted animals that stole the bird feed. She said he loved birds. Mr. Seligmann, born in Switzerland, was one of the leading surrealist painters of his time.

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