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Koufax Injured

Apr. 24, 1963 - Sandy Koufax, the Dodgers’ unlucky pitching star whose finger injury last year cost Los Angeles the pennant, will be out of action for at least 10 days and will miss a minimum of 2 turns on the mound as a result of injuring his left shoulder in last night’s game against Milwaukee. The announcement that potentially struck another blow at the Dodgers’ pennant chances was made today by Dr. Robert Kerlan. Dr. Kerlan said Koufax “sustained an injury to the posterior capsule of the left shoulder joint.” In simpler language, Sandy said he “felt something tear in my shoulder while I was pitching against the Braves.” “The same thing happened this spring in Florida,” he explained, “but then I simply let up on my pitches — something you can’t afford to do in a league game, particularly when the score’s 1-0.” X-rays revealed no evidence of soft-tissue calcification in Koufax’s shoulder, and Sandy’s celebrated finger, which sidelined him eight weeks last season, was fine. Hydrocortisone was injected in the pitcher’s shoulder, and he was told not to do any throwing for the next several days. However, he expects to accompany the Dodgers on their eastern tour beginning Sunday night.


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