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Klan Burns Crosses in 14 Louisiana Towns and State Capitol

Sept. 2, 1962 - The Ku Klux Klan burned crosses in at least 14 north Louisiana towns and at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge late last night. A Klan spokesman said the cross-burnings were intended to show that the Klan had reactivated itself and expected to make its weight felt nationally on racial matters. “We are publicly demonstrating our resentment to integration by cross-burning,” a Klansman stated. “Our forefathers fought and died for their principles and beliefs, and we stand ready to do the same, if necessary, to preserve our way of life.” Crosses were burned in front of at least three Negro schools in Hodge and near Bosco, at a Negro minister’s home, and on the bridge connecting Monroe with West Monroe. In Baton Rouge, five fire trucks were called to douse a four-foot cross that blazed in front of the 32-story State Capitol Building.


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