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Khrushchev Predicts U.S. Defeat in Vietnam

May 18, 1962 - In a speech to collective farmers in central Bulgaria, Soviet Premier Khrushchev declared that U.S. forces would be driven out of South Vietnam as the French Army was eight years ago. He said President Kennedy was “imprudent” to commit his armed forces to the defense of the area. “President Kennedy has sent his troops to Thailand,” Mr. Khrushchev said. “But that will avail him nothing. The Americans won’t be able to hold Vietnam and Laos because they are only uniting themselves with feudal lords.” “The French fought nine years in Vietnam and were kicked out,” he went on. “The Americans may fight 15 years if they want to, but it will not help. The Socialist camp has expanded its boundaries from China to Europe to Cuba. The banner of socialism is already flying over the Republic of Cuba. Sooner or later the red flat will fly over the whole world.” After his speech, Mr. Khrushchev joined with a Bulgarian woman in an impromptu duet to sing a Russian folk song.

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