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Katy Jurado Divorces Ernest Borgnine

June 3, 1963 - Actress Katy Jurado retained her composure long enough today to give her divorce testimony against actor Ernest Borgnine, but she broke into tears immediately after the decree was granted. The black-haired Miss Jurado told Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Victor Hayek that Borgnine was jealous and possessive and that he seemed to resent her attention to her two children by a prior marriage. “He would say that I loved my children and my career more than I did him,” she testified. “I loved him, but I could not convince him of it.” The Mexican actress, 39, reached a financial settlement Friday. Under it, she accepted $37,500 in lieu of alimony and interest in community property. Borgnine was not in court today but was represented by attorney Harold A. Abeles.

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