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Judy Garland Denies Marriage She Announced Last Week

June 18, 1964 - Singer Judy Garland denied today that she married actor Mark Herron (left) in Hong Kong last week. But she added that they will be married later.

“Mr. Herron and I were blessed in Hong Kong by a Buddhist priest for my recovery from a serious illness,” Garland said. “We were blessed for our life together, but we were not married. We are engaged to be married, and we will be married later.”

In Hollywood earlier, her attorney, Herbert Schwab, said substantially the same thing about the Buddhist ceremony. He said the ceremony apparently led to the “rumor” of a marriage.

Last Friday, the singer and Herron, her traveling companion, who is in his late 20s, were quoted as saying they had been married twice in Hong Kong. Garland said, according to press reports then: “I am now Mrs. Mark Herron, and I am proud of it.”

There had been reports that Garland had obtained a Mexican divorce dissolving her marriage to Hollywood producer Sid Luft.

“We will be married as soon as legal things can be fixed up,” Judy said in a presumed reference to her marriage to Luft. “I have three children to think of. My children want me to marry Mr. Herron.”

The singer, who collapsed during a disastrous Australian tour, disclosed that during her hospitalization in Hong Kong she underwent a tracheotomy — an operation to open the windpipe.

“I will not be able to sing for many months,” she said. “And Mr. Herron is perfectly able to care for me.”

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