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Judy Garland Canceling TV Show

Jan. 22, 1964 - Judy Garland (pictured with Mickey Rooney) announced today that she would cancel her television show on CBS on March 29 after a run of 26 weeks. In a letter to James Aubrey Jr., president of CBS, the singer said that the demanding schedule of a weekly show prevented her from giving her children the time and attention they needed. Her program is televised on Sundays from 9 to 10 p.m.

For some weeks, there had been strong indications that Miss Garland’s show might not continue beyond March. Its rating has been much lower than NBC’s “Bonanza,” which is televised at the same hour. Miss Garland’s show has undergone several production changes since its debut. CBS said that a replacement for the program had not been selected. Miss Garland has three children — Liza Minnelli, a 17-year-old actress; Lorna, 10; and Joseph, 8. Miss Minnelli is the daughter of director Vincente Minnelli, Miss Garland’s former husband. Sid Luft, her present husband, is the father of the younger children.


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