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Judy Collins Makes New York Debut at Town Hall

Mar. 22, 1964 - Judy Collins, a 23-year-old native of Denver, made her New York concert debut last night at Town Hall, and she established herself without delay in the front rank of American balladeers. Greeted with polite enthusiasm at the start, by the evening’s end she had moved her large audience to cheers, whistles, and bravos.

Her program was one of unusual symmetry, carefully balanced between traditional and modern tunes. There were love songs and drinking songs, cute nonsense ditties and passionate laments inspired by today’s headlines, a sea shanty, an old Irish romance, and even a bit of bluegrass.

Through them all ran the welcome threads of Miss Collins’s lovely alto voice and sensitive musical approach. She remained fully in control, taking the changes of mood and temperament entirely in stride and making her recital all the more entertaining by virtue of its varied programming.

Miss Collins, who demonstrated imagination and a sure technique in her guitar playing, was assisted further by the excellent banjo and guitar of Steve Mandell and the fine string bass accompaniments of Chuck Israels.


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