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Johnson: We Mustn't Let Communists Destroy Us from Within

Oct. 29, 1961 - Vice President Johnson said in New York today that the United States was prepared to “stand on our rights to preserve our integrity, decency, and way of life.” The Vice President made this declaration at a meeting of the Italian Board of Guardians in the Astor Hotel, where Rep. Victor L. Anfuso of Brooklyn, an old colleague of Mr. Johnson’s in Congress, was honored. “The enemies of freedom-loving people know they can never destroy America militarily so they are trying to destroy us from within,” Mr. Johnson asserted. “They are trying to pit race against race, class against class, religion against religion.” He said that President Kennedy was working night and day to resolve the critical problems before him. Mr. Johnson urged that the nation stand united behind the President in his program for meeting world crises.


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