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Johnny Carson Off to Good Start as Paar’s Replacement

Oct. 2, 1962 - Johnny Carson (pictured with Groucho Marx, the permanent replacement for Jack Paar, is off to an excellent start as host of the “Tonight” show on NBC. The format remains unchanged, but Mr. Carson’s style is all his own. He has the engaging smile and quick mind essential to sustaining a marathon of banter. At the outset, he said he was not going to describe every guest as an old and dear friend, an indication of a refreshing attitude against prevalent show-business phoniness. On his premiere, Mr. Carson was very poised in talking with Joan Crawford, Rudy Vallee, and Tony Bennett. Skitch Henderson, the pianist and orchestra conductor, is installed as the regular music director of the “Tonight” show, a move that assures many melodic interludes and a superior accompaniment of guest artists.

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