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JFK to Visit Costa Rica Next Year

Nov. 30, 1962 - President Kennedy accepted today an invitation to go to Costa Rica in February or March to join in talks among the Presidents of the Central American republics. The White House announced the travel plan after reporters had been told about it by President Ramon Villeda Morales of Honduras (pictured with President Kennedy) after he had met with Mr. Kennedy following his arrival for a short state visit. President Villeda Morales, after arriving at Washington National Airport, received a formal welcome with full military honors in a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. Dr. Villeda Morales congratulated Mr. Kennedy for his strong leadership in the Alliance for Progress and stressed his opposition to Communism, saying: “We will continue to struggle against Communism everywhere.” Mrs. Kennedy presented a bouquet of red roses to President Villeda Morales’s wife.


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