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JFK Tangles With Rockefeller on Civil Rights

Mar. 6, 1963 - A charge by Governor Rockefeller that President Kennedy had appointed “segregationist” judges in the South was rejected by the President today. Mr. Rockefeller, the President’s likely opponent in the 1964 election, made the charge in a general attack yesterday on the Administration’s civil rights record. He spoke at an Albany, N.Y., rally of the NAACP. One new Federal judge who has been much criticized by civil rights groups is William H. Cox of Mississippi. He is an old friend of Senator James O. Eastland, the Mississippi Democrat who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee. “On the whole,” the President said at his news conference, men appointed to judgeships in the South in both the Eisenhower administration and this, “sharing perhaps as they do the general outlook of the South, have done a remarkable job in fulfilling their oath of office.” “There may be cases where this is not true,” the President remarked, “and that is unfortunate, but I would say that on the whole it has been an extraordinary and very creditable record.”


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