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JFK Presents General Norstad With American Heart Association Award

Jan. 31, 1963 - General Lauris Norstad (pictured right earlier this month) received from President Kennedy today the American Heart Association’s Heart-of-the-Year award. Mr. Kennedy presented to Gen. Norstad, on behalf of the association, a medallion with this inscription: “His faith, courage, and achievement in meeting the personal challenge of heart disease have inspired people with new hope and the determination to conquer our nation’s leading enemy.” Recalling that he had recently pinned Gen. Norstad with his third Distinguished Service Medal, Mr. Kennedy said it was with great pleasure he decorated him again. Mr. Kennedy said Gen. Norstad, who retired Jan. 1 as supreme allied commander in Europe, had done some of his most important work after he had difficulty with his heart. Norstad suffered heart attacks in 1955 and 1960.


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