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JFK Meets with Committee for “Operation Sail 1964”

May 10, 1963 - President Kennedy, a seafarer of long standing, proudly showed off his collection of ship models today to a group organizing a 1964 rendezvous of old-time sailing vessels. Mr. Kennedy was host in his office to a committee for “Operation Sail 1964” — a program that will attract large vessels from many nations to New York Harbor in July 1964. Welcoming the sailing experts, Mr. Kennedy called attention to the six models of sailing craft arrayed around his office, and he later ushered the group into the nearby Cabinet room to see more models. He agreed to become a patron of the New York rendezvous and said he would do everything he could to stimulate interest in the program. Eleven nations have already agreed to send sailing ships to the rendezvous. It is expected that the participating ships will first meet in Bermuda and race from there to New York Harbor. Frank O. Braynard, secretary of “Operation Sail 1964,” said the President expressed hope today that he could be in New York to welcome the sailing vessels in July of next year.


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