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JFK Jr. Visits Grandfather at Hospital

Jan. 2, 1962 - One-year-old John F. Kennedy Jr. went to see his ailing grandfather in the hospital today for the first time. Mrs. Kennedy took John and his sister, 4-year-old Caroline, to St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach to visit the President’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, who has made some improvement after suffering a stroke on Dec. 19. Caroline had been in the 73-year-old former Ambassador’s suite before. Their mother took them home shortly before the President arrived at the hospital between work and dinner sessions with defense officials. In the entrance hall of the hospital, the President paused to autograph the cast of a 35-year-old truck driver who broke his leg in an accident five weeks ago. He also made 11-year-old Ruth Anderson “awful happy” by putting his name in her autograph book. The President stayed about half an hour.


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