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JFK and RFK Donate Salaries to Charity

Nov. 14, 1962 - President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, both donate their Government salaries to charity, sources close to the two men said today. The President is paid $100,000 a year. The Attorney General is paid $25,000. The President’s wealth has been estimated in the millions of dollars, perhaps as much as $10 million. Identical trust funds for all the Kennedy children were set up in 1926, 1936, and 1959 by their father, Joseph P. Kennedy. White House sources said today that President Kennedy had donated his Government salary to charity ever since entering Congress in 1947. He served in the House six years and in the Senate eight years. It is considered likely that another brother, Edward M. Kennedy, recently elected Senator from Massachusetts, will turn his $22,500-a-year salary over to charity. The charities to which the President and Attorney General donate their funds were not identified by White House sources.


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