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Jewish College Student Slugs Nazi Rockwell

Mar. 8, 1962 - George Lincoln Rockwell (right), leader of the American Nazi party, was slugged by a Jewish college student (center) today in San Diego, Calif. The F.B.I. then investigated a bomb threat against Rockwell. The Nazi leader was hit by a stiff right punch to the jaw during his talk from a stage at San Diego State College. Shortly after he left the campus, the bomb threat was made in a telephone call to American Airlines. “There’s a bomb on the Rockwell plane,” a voice said. The F.B.I. went to Municipal Airport to examine an airliner. It was not known whether Rockwell had a reservation on it. He had been speaking to about 2,000 students for 30 minutes when one emerged from the crowd and struck him. The student was identified as Ed Cherry, a senior majoring in physical education. He could not be reached immediately for comment. Rockwell said he would not press charges.


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