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Jets Draft Defensemen

Nov. 30, 1963 - The New York Jets concentrated on defense today in the American Football League draft with coach Weeb Ewbank making five of his first six selections for his defensive unit. The only exception was his No. 1 pick, Matt Snell (pictured), Ohio State fullback, who has also seen service as an end. With that choice in his pocket, Ewbank then went for tackle Lloyd Voss, Nebraska, followed by guard Gerry Philbin, Buffalo; flanker back Jim Evans Texas Western; tackle Ben McGree, Jackson State; and linebacker Ralph Baker, Penn State. The Jets gave up their seventh choice in the 20-pick picnic to San Diego for Sherman Plunkett before the season started. The only other “name” players Ewbank was interested in after that were Sherman Lewis, Michigan State halfback, who was the eighth choice, and Bob Lehman, Notre Dame captain and guard, who was No. 16. Snell is the big boy for the Jets, if they can tempt him away from the NFL, whose draft starts tomorrow. A six-foot-two 215-pounder, Snell is a local boy from Locust Valley, L.I., and he hs rated as a real pro prospect. At Ohio State, Snell was a three-year starter and a consummate team player, active on both sides of the ball. In 1961, he played right halfback, often blocking for fullback Bob Ferguson or left halfback Paul Warfield. In 1962, Snell was moved to defensive end. This year, Snell’s senior year, he was named starting fullback.



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