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Japanese Reparations Payments to Countries Occupied in WWII To Increase

Jan. 30, 1963 - Japan’s reparations payments to countries she occupied during World War II has increased to $1,152,080,000 as a result of a new agreement signed this week with Burma for the payment of $140 million additional reparations. (Pictured below are Japanese troops on horseback during the Burma Campaign in 1942). Under the original agreement signed in 1954, Japan had promised to pay $200 million to Burma over a 10-year period. Japan’s other reparations obligations are $550 million to be paid to the Philippines, $223,080,000 to Indonesia, and $39 million to South Vietnam. From December 1955 to the end of last year, Japan’s reparations payments to these four recipient countries amounted to $400 million, or 36% of the total. The remainder will be paid between now and 1978.


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