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Japanese General on Pearl Harbor: No Regrets

Sept. 3, 1961 - Gen. Minoru Genda (pictured), chief of staff of Japan's air defense force, said in London today he had no regrets about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor except that "we should not have attacked just once - we should have attacked again and again." The general, who spoke at London Airport on his arrival from Tokyo for a visit, was a staff officer with the Japanese First Air Fleet in 1941. He said he had helped plan the Pearl Harbor attack on the U.S. fleet on Dec. 7, 1941. "Pearl Harbor was strategically unsuccessful, but tactically it was a success," he declared. "You must remember in these things that I speak as a soldier," he added. Newsmen asked Gen. Genda if he thought the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor was fair. The general, who is 57, replied: "I cannot say anything now. Maybe in a hundred years' time."


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