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James Meredith Returns to University of Mississippi Campus

June 6, 1963 - James Meredith returned quietly today to the campus of the University of Mississippi to register for his third, and presumably last, undergraduate term. Mr. Meredith is a political science major, and he is scheduled to graduate Aug. 18. At the Lyceum Building, Mr. Meredith moved freely through lines of white classmates who were also registering. The Lyceum was the scene of all-night rioting last Sept. 30, when the Negro student first entered the university, rioting during which two men were killed and hundreds were injured. Today, few students looked at Mr. Meredith. He arrived at noon after driving from his apartment in Jackson, and he ate lunch at the university’s new cafeteria. He was joined at his table by two whites, a faculty member, and a college chaplain. Cleve McDowell, the 21-year-old Negro law student who enrolled without incident yesterday, attended his first class today. He walked alone from his quarters at Baxter Hall, where he is sharing a suite with Mr. Meredith. Two marshals followed half a block behind him. Others circled the area in automobiles.


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