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James Meredith Doubts He Will Continue at Ole Miss

Jan. 7, 1963 - James Meredith (pictured with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy) said today he would not attend the University of Mississippi next semester “under the present circumstances.” The 29-year-old Negro, the first of his race to have been admitted as a student at the university, did not explain what he considered the circumstances to be. Since his enrollment last Oct. 1, he has lived and attended classes safeguarded by U.S. marshals and Federal troops. Both Mr. Meredith and white students who attempted to befriend him have faced harassment. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy urged officials of both the state and the University of Mississippi to make it possible for Mr. Meredith “to continue his education without interruption.” Mr. Kennedy said: “Many members of the faculty have made an effort in the highest traditions of their professions to obey the court’s orders and assist Mr. Meredith in getting an education, but a number of officials have not met their responsibilities.”


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