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James Hood Withdraws from University of Alabama

Aug. 11, 1963 - James Hood (left), a Negro student facing imminent expulsion from the University of Alabama for having criticized its officials, withdrew from the school today “to avoid a complete mental and physical breakdown.” Exactly two months ago, Mr. Hood and Vivian Malone, also a Negro, enrolled at the previously white university with the aid of Federal troops. Arthur D. Shores, attorney for the 21-year-old Mr. Hood, said he had left the university “on the advice of his physician.” Mr. Shores said the student hoped to return. But the university said he could not come back until charges involving speeches he had allegedly made were subjected to a hearing. Mr. Hood was said to have attacked Governor George Wallace and university officials in a speech at East Gadsden, Ala. He was accused of having told a Negro rally that school and state officials were trying to get him expelled. Hood, contacted at his home in East Gadsden, said he was “tired, both physically and mentally.” He said his doctor had advised him to take a vacation. Hood said he was going to follow that advice, but he refused to say where he planned to go.


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