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James Garner Accidentally Cracks Doris Day’s Rib

July 11, 1963 - Actor James Garner got carried away yesterday in his role of peacemaker in a scene being filmed for the movie “Move Over, Darling” and cracked one of co-star Doris Day’s ribs. The crack showed up in an X-ray taken today after the actress complained of pains. The accident happened when Garner, who stands 6-feet-4-inches and weighs 200 pounds, stepped in to break up a screen fight between Miss Day and Polly Bergen. Miss Day’s physician, Dr. Frederick Ilfeld, said she will have to wear an elastic brace for four weeks, but she will be able to finish the picture. The story of the film deals with a missing wife (Day) thought long dead who returns just after her husband (Garner) has taken a new wife (Bergen). The film is a remake of the 1940 comedy film, “My Favorite Wife,” with Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, and Gail Patrick. In between that film and “Move Over, Darling,” an unfinished remake, entitled “Something’s Got to Give,” began shooting in 1962, directed by George Cukor and starring Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and Cyd Charisse. That production was canceled following Miss Monroe’s death. The director of “Move Over, Darling” is Michael Gordon.

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