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James Dean Films Draw Big TV Ratings

Jan. 12, 1962 - Televised motion pictures starring James Dean, who had only three major movie roles before his death, seem to have a great influence among dial twisters. Last Sunday evening, New York’s WOR-TV presented “Rebel Without a Cause” and obtained the highest Nielsen rating of all New York stations during the two-and-a-quarter hours the movie was on. The picture about juvenile violence out-rated such network programs as “Bonanza,” “The Jack Benny Show,” “G.E. Theatre,” and “What’s My Line?” Last fall, WNBC-TV presented “East of Eden,” another Dean movie, as the première of its “Movie 4” series on Saturday nights. No other movie on the series has obtained so high a rating as “East of Eden,” a WNBC-TV spokesman said.


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