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James Bond Will Have American Counterpart

Jan. 25, 1964 - James Bond, the British secret agent in novels by Ian Fleming, may have American counterparts on television next season. Two networks have under development programs with leading characters of this type. NBC and MGM-TV are developing “Mr. Solo.” A pilot film starring Robert Vaughan (right) has been made by Norman Felton, executive producer. The network said Mr. Felton had met several times with Mr. Fleming, who had suggested a character named Napoleon Solo. Solo is an agent for an international security organization with the initials U.N.C.L.E. CBS is considering a series called “Dr. Stryker,” in which Richard Egan would star. As a secret agent, Mr. Egan would have the opportunity of getting away from those Western plains (“Empire” and “Redigo”) and into urban society.


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