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Jackie Plans To Deliver Third Child at Walter Reed

July 24, 1963 - The Air Force confirmed today that special quarters at Otis Air Force Base, located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, had been refurbished for a possible emergency delivery of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy’s third child. The project is precautionary only, and Pierre Salinger, the White House press secretary, said the First Lady still planned to have the child at Walter Reed Hospital in August. Colonel C.R. Carlson of the Air Force Public Information Office said that “somewhat less than $5,000” had been spent to prepare a 7-room suite at Otis. Mrs. Kennedy is spending the summer at Hyannis Port, near the Otis base. Since she has a history of difficulty in childbirth, there is an obvious possibility of emergency this time. Her second child, John Jr., was born a month prematurely in 1960.


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