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Jackie Gleason Show to Continue on CBS

Jan. 23, 1964 - Jackie Gleason and CBS have agreed on a contract for the 1964-65 season. The terms of the agreement, still to be signed, stipulate that the comedian will tape 30 one-hour shows, the number he did this season. Eight will be repeated. Associates of the star said Mr. Gleason’s production company would receive $6 million for next season’s shows, but CBS declined to comment on the figure. Out of this, Mr. Gleason must pay all production costs of the shows, including salaries of performers and rental of CBS studio facilities.

Jack Philbin, executive producer, said the new contract gave Mr. Gleason’s company about $1 million more than it is receiving this season. A small percentage of the money is allocated for the development of new shows by the Gleason company in association with CBS. Mr. Philbin said the comedian would like to originate his shows next season in Florida, possibly Miami or West Palm Beach, if adequate theater facilities could be obtained. Spokesmen for both Mr. Gleason and CBS agreed the show would continue at the same hour, 7:30 p.m. Saturday.


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