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Jackie Gleason Returning to CBS-TV

Feb. 25, 1962 - Jackie Gleason will return to television next fall in a series of hour-long Saturday variety shows on CBS. The network disclosed no details about program content other than that it would include some of Mr. Gleason’s familiar characterizations (“Reggie Van Gleason” and “The Poor Soul”) as well as new ones. It was reported that Audrey Meadows, a member of Mr. Gleason’s TV cast for several years, might appear regularly on the new series. She formerly worked with him on “The Honeymooners.” Art Carney, who played “second banana” on “The Honeymooners,” may make occasional guest appearances as well. Mr. Gleason worked steadily as a TV performer from 1949 to 1957, but in more recent years he has been off the air more than on. He has been engaged in stage and motion picture work, and he has released several orchestral “mood music” recordings as well.


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