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Jackie Gleason Banters with New York Studio Audience

Dec. 19, 1962 - During the taping of Jackie Gleason’s weekly television shows, the entertainer enjoys bantering with the New York studio audience between takes while new sets are being prepared. Recently, a lady in the audience asked Jackie if he was on a diet. “Oh, sure,” he replied. “I’ve just lost 30 pounds — but that’s just an ear lobe for me.” Warming to the subject, Mr. Gleason went on: “I have three sets of suits at home — a 270-pound set, a 220-pound set which I’ll be wearing very shortly, and a 190-pound set which hangs in my closet — permanently.” Asked whether his golf helps keep his weight down, the generous-waisted Mr. Gleason replied affirmatively, but added: “If I put the ball where I can see it, I can’t reach it. And if I put the ball where I can reach it, I can’t see it.” The studio audience roared with laughter.


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