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Israeli Prosecutor Calls Eichmann Unrepentant "Henchman of Hitler"

Aug. 8, 1961 - Israel's Attorney General, Gideon Hausner, began today a wrathful summation of Israel's case against Adolf Eichmann (pictured). He portrayed the former Gestapo officer as an unrepentant henchman of Hitler. Attacking the defense plea that Eichmann was a minor desk-bound bureaucrat in the Nazi plot to kill the Jews, Mr. Hausner placed Eichmann "in the center of the slaughterhouse." The prosecutor said that Eichmann had expressed "not one syllable of remorse" despite the great weight of evidence against him. Eichmann was pale and tense as his trial entered the final stage. His cheeks were sunken and his skin had an ashen pallor. He followed with desperate vigilance every word spoken by Hausner, occasionally taking notes. Eichmann faces death by hanging.


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