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Israeli Prosecutor Asks for "True and Righteous" Verdict: Death for Eichmann

Aug. 10, 1961 - Attorney General Gideon Hausner demanded today the conviction of Adolf Eichmann as a merciless and insatiable murderer of millions of Jews. Closing Israel's case against the former Nazi officer, Mr. Hausner asked the tribunal to find Eichmann guilty of all counts of an indictment charging crimes against the Jewish people and crimes against humanity. Twelve of the fifteen counts carry the death penalty. "Judges of Israel," Mr. Hausner cried at the climax of his closing statement, "I ask for a true and righteous judgment!" From his glass cage, Adolf Eichmann regarded the prosecutor with a look of cold hatred. The prisoner was deathly pale, his lips twisted in what seemed a derisive smile. The court is expected to deliver its judgment in November.


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