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Israeli Judges Question Eichmann

July 21, 1961 - The cross-examination of Adolf Eichmann by Israeli Attorney General Gideon Hausner has ended and the three judges are now questioning the prisoner. The former Gestapo lieutenant is on trial for his life on charges of having murdered millions of Jews during World War II. Today Judge Benyamin Halevi (left) said to Eichmann: "To have the courage not to give a hand to committing crimes - this might have been difficult at the time. But what about the present? Do you have the necessary courage today to take upon yourself the responsibility for the thing that happened then?" Eichmann replied: "From the human point of view I have my own thoughts - I have made a reckoning." He then paused for a moment, straightened his shoulders and said firmly: "I was not the one who issued orders. I was only a receiver of orders. If this is punishable by law, then I am ready to take the penalty." Thus Eichmann tenaciously refused to admit legal responsibility for Nazi crimes.


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