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Humorist James Thurber is Dead

Nov. 2, 1961 - James Thurber, the writer and humorist, died of pneumonia today at New York Doctors Hospital, where he had undergone surgery a month ago for a blood clot on the brain. His age was 66. Mr. Thurber will be best remembered for his hilarious tales, his drawings of indescribable dogs, and his unforgettable character, Walter Mitty. His tales were mingled with the exploits of unicorns, enraged wives, stupid athletes, and excitable relatives. William Shawn, editor of The New Yorker, today called Mr. Thurber “a master among comic artists, one of the great American writers of our time, and one of the few great humorists in all literary history. His writings and drawings were loved by millions of people throughout the world.”


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