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Huge Demand for “Pupniks”

Aug. 5, 1963 - To the astonishment of the White House, the four “pupniks” born to Charlie, Caroline Kennedy’s Welsh Terrier, and Pushinka, mongrel daughter of a Russian space dog, are in tremendous demand. More than 5,000 persons have written in, begging for one of the puppies (pictured with White House electrician and kennel keeper Traphes Bryant) since they were born June 14 in a Washington veterinary hospital. Pamela Turnure, Mrs. Kennedy’s press secretary, said she was “staggered” by the volume of requests received, particularly since the dogs are what she calls “no breed.” She said, “We have no plans to distribute them.” They have been nicknamed “pupniks” because they are granddogs of Strelka, a Soviet dog who orbited the earth 17 times in August 1960. Strelka’s daughter Pushinka is now 2 years old. She was given to Mrs. Kennedy by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev several months after her birth. The puppies look more like their father. Charlie, four years old, was bought for Caroline before the Kennedys entered the White House. Two of the puppies are male, two female. Pierre Salinger said today that three had been named by Caroline — Streaker, White Tips, and Blackie.


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